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Blacksmithing Course For Kids

Introductory Blacksmithing Course for Kids

This course is designed for kids ranging in age from 8 to 13.  It is an introduction to forging hot steel – to learning the necessary skills and techniques required to shape it.  

Lots of young kids are particularly drawn to knife and sword making.  We don’t make knives or swords in this course but we do take a close look at the role of forged iron over the past 3000 years and its primary function to both protect and also serve as a vital tool.

Students will forge three items:

A hook

A toasting fork

A keychain that they will have a hand in designing.

We provide shop safety and orientation training, eye protection, gloves and ear plugs.  Participants need to wear cotton or wool clothing – synthetic fibres can cause severe burns – comfortable clothing and bring along a long sleeve shirt.

Participants also need to bring a lunch on Saturday.  On Sunday we clear out one of the forges and use the freshly forged toasting forks to cooks sausages (or a vegetarian alternative)  over a charcoal fire.